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#SoCS 12/5/20 – List for Sobriety

Linda has given us the prompt of “list” for today’s #SoCS.

Enjoy this lyric video of For King and Country’s “Never Give Up”.

Yesterday I celebrated 11 months of SOBRIETY because I have never given up. My last drink was on January 3rd, 2020. I have not done it on my own, it has taken a lot of work with my sponsor, attending/chairing/sharing in face to face meetings at my home group the Goliad Group along with service work as the Group Secretary; attending/chairing/sharing in meetings at my online home group Global Steps Alcoholics Anonymous that just happens to meet in the hall of In The Rooms.

But there is also an important list of 12 everyday things that must happen if I am to remain SOBER!

  1. When I wake up in the morning, I thank my Higher Power whom I choose to call God for waking me up and not bringing me to.
  2. I ask my Higher Power to assist me throughout the day with keeping my character defects in check – yes, I do have a lot of character defects and I turn my will over everything in my life for the day to Him. His will be done and not mine!
  3. I keep in contact with my sponsor and other alcoholics that help keep me sober.
  4. I go throughout my day doing the next right, best thing to keep me sober.
  5. I share in my online meetings.
  6. I chair online meetings twice a week.
  7. I attend and share in my face to face meetings.
  8. I chair one face to face meeting on Monday evenings at the Goliad Group.
  9. I do spot-check self inventories throughout the day.
  10. I recite the Serenity Prayer sometimes many, many, many times throughout the day.
  11. The most important thing that I do is “I DO NOT PICK UP THAT FIRST FRINK OR ANY OTHER SUBSTANCE I USED TO USE” just for today.
  12. When I go to bed, I thank my Higher Power for ASSISTING me throughout the day to help keep me SOBER just for today!

Enjoy this video of For King and Country’s “Control”.

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#AtoZChallenge2020 – New Attitude & Never Give Up


So this week has been a crazy week and so I am behind three days. Today I will be posting for the letters “N”, “O” and “P”. All in separate posts by the way. For the letter “N” for the #AtoZChallenge I have chosen one of my favorite songs by Miss Patti Labelle,  New Attitude.

This song has always been one of my anthem, especially when I have gone through a really rough patch with alcoholism or cocaine addiction. It is so important that when a person falls into relapse or multiple relapses that each time they come back with new and stronger resolve and attitude regarding their recovery.

Often times addiction, alcoholism, depression, or any other host of mental or physical health issues can cause us to lose hope and feel defeated. I know from experience that it is so important to work hard at having the ability and wherewithal to never give up. That is why I have also seen For King and Country’s  Never Give Up as another one of my anthems.

You can find the lyrics by clicking on the song titles. That’s what’s in  My Rattled Cage, thanks for stopping by!!