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FOWC with Fandango 2/13/19 — Tribute

I waited so late to write this post because I wanted to get it posted as close to the end of the night as possible. My tribute is to my husband Cruz first, and then also his mother Amelia.

Tomorrow February 14th, 2019 Cruz and I celebrate our 18th Anniversary. Mind you we are not married per se because I do not believe in same sex marriage because of my faith. My Catholic faith teaches me that while marriage between a man and woman is for love, the main purpose is for procreation. Cruz and I will not be procreating ever even though we have had many four -legged children in our 18 years.

Cruz and I are just as married as any couple that has ever had a ceremony. We have our trials and tribulations – many of them my doing, yet we have made the commitment to love, cherish and honor each other through sickness and health, richer or poorer, good times or bad until death separates us. I am extremely blessed that this man has loved and supported me through all my chronic relapses and returns recovery.

He is compassionate, empathetic, non-emotional (we are working on that), and extremely loving. God knew what he was doing when he made Cruz call information in January 2001 to find my number because he needed a friend.

Cruz truly is my savior beside my God and Jesus Christ. If it were not for him and hi love, patience and compassion – I would probably be dead, in jail or in prison. His mother has truly blessed me with her love and laughter as well for our entire 18 years. She came into my just a little before 3 years after my own mother had passed, so in essence she is my mother and I love her more than she will ever know!!

Please enjoy some of my favorite pictures of me, Cruz and his mother!!!! I will go in at a later time to add some captions to these pictures. I need to get better with that.


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#JusJoJan 2019 – Jan. 25th – Balance

balance sheet of life

I found the above Balance Sheet of Life to be very useful and true because each one of those statements is essential to having a balanced emotional life.

I am one of those people that has always had issue with balancing all aspects of my life. I believe that has been a contributing factor to my alcoholism and addiction issues. The depression and being bipolar are just added circumstances. I tend to throw myself into whatever I am doing whole hog and blocking out other things. When I worked for the University of Texas at San Antonio, in every position I was always accessible whether in the office or not. I always took work home and spent many a weekend at the office, yet I did not take the best care of myself and that became the bane of my existence.

When I do yardwork, I do not quit until everything is done. My husband tells me all the time, take it easy and don’t do everything at once. I have been doing the four yards on my block for over 15 years. Our yard, the neighbor to the right is an older lady that has no one to manage her yard, the neighbor to the left is our old house and they pay me to do their yard and the neighbor to the left of them belonged to a nice lady who passed three years ago and her son still owns the house and pays me to manage the yard. When I start, I want everything uniform which means I tend to do all four yards edging and mowing on the same day. It wears me out.

I just am not good at balancing many things. I do believe the following:


I believe that if I can get a better handle on holding on to the things I need to hold on to – my health, my husband, my four legged children, and of course our family and friends – and continue to let go of those things that I do not need – alcohol or any other substance that does not belong in my body, then YES – I will have a much more balanced life.

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#JusJoJan 2019 Daily Prompt – Jan. 25th