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Late – #JusJotJan – January 2nd, 2018 – Boisterous


This is a late post part of #JusJotJan – 1/2/2018.

If you look up boisterous in the Webster’s Dictionary you will see a picture of me Gregory Leon Frieden!! I am the true picture of what it means to be continuously boisterous!!! May you all have a BOISTEROUS, HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS 2018!!!!


Gregoryand Rowdy


Late #JusJotJan – January 1st, 2018 -DRAMA


This is a late post and part of #JusJotJan 1/1/2018.

Drama, drama, drama! It would not be my annual Christmas trip to Shore Acres, Texas to see my two older sisters, their husbands, my three nieces and their husbands and my four beautiful great nieces and my great nephew, without my oldest sister causing a whole lot of drama. Every year we try to plan my trip where I get to spend as much time with everyone, this trip was extremely short 3 1/2 days and three nights so planning did not go quite as planned. For one I arrived into Downtown Houston at 3:30pm instead of the 11:15am arrival I was supposed to have.

I start early on Thursday 12/21 through a family group text to determine our food plans for Christmas day to no avail. Then some other family group texts happened that were of no help. The straw that broke the camels’ back was when my other sister made a suggestion and was asking everyone’s opinion about the entire family doing our big family Christmas moving forward on 12/23 because now with my nieces and their husbands having their things they do on Christmas Eve and the blended families due to divorces etc. – it is very hard to plan anything for Christmas Day because of some of the children being at the other parents house and not always having a clear picture of parental exchanges.

My oldest took it as though the decision had already been made and she was ugly to me and she made my other sister cry because she accused of distancing herself from, which was ridiculous. In the end We all got together on Christmas Day and everyone acted like everything was great. We had a great day. The next day before I left to return to San Antonio, I called my oldest sister and could tell something was wrong – she had a tone. She proceeded to tell me that her Christmas had been f@#@#@# ruined. I did not touch it because lately if we breathe wrong she takes offense.

Finally on Saturday of last week both sisters had a five hour lunch and hashed it all out and as I already said all the DRAMA was because the oldest was not reading or reading things into the family group texts that was no there. Boy am I glad that DRAMA is OVER!!!

That is the drama the has Rattled My Cage!!