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#AtoZChallenge2020 – Oh People


So my post for the letter “O” for the #AtoZChallenge2020 just popped out at me and slapped me in my face. It said “Boy if you don’t post me as the song for the letter “O” , you must be crazy.”  In the light of #COVID-19 around the world and the current individual in the White House in these not so United States of America, this word just speaks volumes.

I have chosen Patti Labelle’s Oh People and I have included the lyrics because they are so relevant to what is happening in the world today. I pray everyone who reads knows that I send love, hugs and prayers to you and yours as we make our way through this crazy life journey!!

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If we are one big happy family, no one would have to beg to eat.
If we live in a world of dignity, no man would have to live on the street.
If I tell you you’re a part of me, there’s no need for disbelief.
H ere is my hand, to let you know that what we dream weall can hold.
Apart we are weak….together we’re strong.

Oh, people….we are writing this song. We’re all living these words together forever.
There’s no reason we can’t live and be one…
Build the world that we want together.
For as long as you stand here by me… we’ll live on.

Think of all the possibilities that the eyes of a child can see.
Think of all the opportunities that float right by you and me.
Take my hand, and we will know all that we dream…we, our own.
Apart we are weak… together we’re strong.


In Recovery? Need a meeting? Here is a supplemental tool for your toolbox

I send my thoughts, hugs and prayers to all who are being affected by the issues with COVID 19. If you are in recovery, as I am,  from any type of addiction and your face to face meetings at your home group have been cancelled for the time being, there is a great alternative and supplement to face to face meetings.

Please visit In The Rooms, where you will find meeting rooms for pretty much every type of addiction. I am a member and I also have my online home group Global Steps AA which has 64 meetings per week on In The Rooms. God bless and remember it is ONE DAY at a TIME and JUST FOR TODAY!!!

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#SoCS March 14, 2020 – Wire

Wow!! It has been a very long time since I have participated in #SoCS. Today’s prompt is wire. 

Image result for walking a high line Wire

It seems everyone is walking a line wire all over the world because of COVID 19 (Coronavirus). Because of the hysteria being caused by all media outlets and the way the virus is being covered.

I refuse to walk on that very dangerous high line wire because I see it this way. If HIV/AIDS for over 23 years, many years of alcohol abuse and cocaine abuse have not killed me yet, no  COVID 19 is gonna get me nor bother me!!

I choose to believe that  THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!!! 

This too

and for a little funny ………..


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