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Facts Are FACTS! – Thank you Fox News

If you were in the United States and even abroad you may have watched and heard President Donald Trump try to make his case for the $5.7 billion dollar wall on the Southern Border of the United States and then you heard Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi (D) California and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D) New York give their response.

While it is so important for all of the networks and journalists including myself as a blogger to fact check prior to printing, or airing any rebuttal or information – I love it when the presoident’s own favorite media child Fox News call him and his administration out on their mess.

Donald Trump’s Border Speech Gets A Savage Instant Fact-Check On Fox News

Now mind you Fox News also slammed the Democratic response, but moreso because that is what Fox News does because they truly do not have a nice thing to say about any Democrat especially those against their best friend Donald J. trump!!!!

On a personal note, the Southern border has been an issue for decades. Illegal crossings over the Southern border have been decreasing steadily for years and the terrorists that are constantly being touted as coming through the Southern border is false and even Fox News called them out on it. These folks try to come through and are detained at airports. Border security and building a wall IS NOT A NATIONAL EMERGENCY. This president is HOLDING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HOSTAGE because the people elected to represent the people refuse to pay for something that this president promised for two years prior to his election and continued to promise until recently that Mexico would pay for!!!!! This president is acting like a child or better yet an alcoholic or addict that cannot and will not get their way, and this is definitely something that I know something because I act that way a lot!!!

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