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#SoCS & #JusJoJan 2019 – Jan. 19th – Television

Television is probably the one thing that I spend way too much time and energy on. With me being unemployed, I have way too much time on my hands. I really have several shows that I am obsessed with that I can watch reruns of nonstop. Below are my top ten shows that I watch the most.

  1. Don’t laugh but I am a LOYAL watcher of The Golden Girls. In fact they are what I fall asleep to most nights. I am such a fan that when The Hallmark Channel does their Countdown to Christmas and stops showing it, I have to search and find other stations that show it. 
  2. I Love Lucy – this is wahat I start my day with everymorning on the Hallmark Channel. This show is also taken off during the 2 1/2 month long Countdown to Christmas each year.
  3. A Million Little Things is a new show on ABC that is must watch Thursday television.
  4. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit – I have watched this series religiously since season one in 1999 and this is one of those series that I can watch the reruns over and over.
  5. Rupaul’s Drag Race and Rupaul’s Drag Race All-Stars the original started in 2009 and has grown to be such a cultural phenomenon, which is why the All-Stars branch was created.
  6. American Horror Story all seasons. The way that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are able to create such intriguing seasons and then last season Apocolypse combined Season 1: Murder House and Season 3: Coven. I am so hoping there will be a season 9.
  7. In the Heat of the Night which ran from 1988-1995 and is based on the novel and the 1967 movie that starred Sydney Poitier and Rod Steiger, that also won Best Picture at the 1968 Academy Awards. The show is currently in syndication on WGN America.
  8. Blue Bloods, which is still a show in production that airs on CBS. I did not become a fan of the show until I started watching after #5 In the Heat of the Night. I now watch the earlier seasons on WGN America and ION Television.
  9. Top Chef on Bravo. I have watched every season and right now the chefs are competing in Kentucky.
  10. Pretty much anything on the Food Network in the evenings, not so much the daytime shows.

That’s what’s in “My Rattled Cage”, thnak you for stopping by!!!



#SoCS & #JusJoJan 2019 – Jan. 19th