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A milestone I thought I would not reach!!!

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I love being able to write and share my journey through recovery and all that it has entailed over the past few years. I love being able to share the adventures or misadventures of being a pack parent of multiple dogs with my husband of 18 years. It excites me to know that just like when I share in face to face meeting or an online meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, I never know whose life I may be touching by sharing my EXPERIENCE, STRENGTH and HOPE regarding my struggles with alcoholism and addiction. It is also extremely cathartic to share my struggles with being bipolar and dealing constantly with depression. TRUST, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!!!

Today I am extremely humbled by a milestone that I never would have dreamed happening when I started my original blog “What’s Rattling My Cage?” on August 7, 2014. My last post on that site was on March 30, 2017, then having lost access to it I began  my new blog “My Rattled Cage” on August 27, 2017.

The MILESTONE I am speaking of is that as of today February 26, 2018 My Rattled Cage has gained 100 FOLLOWERS!! For this I am extremely grateful and I as I said humbled. I am blessed to have the ability to share my thoughts, my life and of course our four -legged babies with the world with this awesome platform. I wish to thank someone very close to me who actually has three blogs Just something I was thinking about . . ., Windchimes and Dreamcatchers, and Cracking the F*c! Up for reminding me that I am a writer and that it would be very beneficial for me to start a blog. I never would have imagined how enjoyable, freeing and cleansing having a blog would be.

To all of my followers, THANK YOU so much for taking the time to stop by and then choosing to follow My Rattled Cage after stopping by!!!!

I hope that I continue to write and hopefully help others in their journey through life and recovery!!!

That’s what’s in “My Rattled Cage”, thanks for stopping by!!!