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Love is in da blog prompt 2: Romeo and Juliet

With me returning to The University of Texas at San Antonio on February 1st along with me still doing deliveries for Favor, I am way behind on my #LovIsInDaBlog posts for 2021. For bee’s 2nd prompt she gave us Romeo and Juliet and I have chosen the version by Mark Knoepfler and Emmy Lou Harris from their Roadrunning Tour. I am not going to lie, there is not a poetic bone in my body so I doubt you will se any poems from me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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A Little late – Love Is In Da Blog 2020 – Leap Day

Well February is gone even with that extra day, I still needed two more days to come up with my last post for #LoIsInDaBlog. The category for this extra day in February was any love song that you wanted. Wow, that is a tough choice because throughout my 53 years there have been so many love songs. I have chosen Lauren Daigle’s  “Love Like This” !

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Love Is In Da Blog – Day 27

Well I have done it. I made through this crazy month and I was still able to play catch up and do a post for everyday of #LoIsInDaBlog. 

Today’s category is a song about love in autumn. While it may not be a conventional love song, I have chosen “Autumn Serenade” by John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman.


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Playing Catch Up – Love Is In Da Blog – Day 21

The category for Day 21 was for a song with love and flowers for #LoveIsInDaBlog. I chose “The Rose” by Bette Midler from the movie of the same title from 1979. for your comparison pleasure I have also included the Conway Twitty version.

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