A Little late #SLS 5/31/20 – Cinnamon Girl – Prince

This week Jim gave us the prompts of seasoning prompts Cinnamon/Mint/Parsley/Pepper/Rosemary/Sage/Salt/Thyme for #SLS. Prior to writing my post I wanted to see if anyone else had posted a song called Cinnamon Girl, I did notice that the only deadhead in the hameau and Fandango over at This, That, and the Other posted the song by Neil Young.

I have chose a different route with Prince’s song that I feel is very apropos for all the racial unrest going on in the United States due to the death of Houston Native, George Floyd by excessive force of the Minneapolis Police Officer and his colleagues that stood by and allowed it to continue.

While this song is about a Holy War, it is still relevant to our current situation of racially charged violence that our current president seems to enjoy stoking.

Please enjoy Cinnamon Girl by Prince from his Musicality album. That’s what’s in My Rattled Cage, thanks for stopping by!!


As war drums beat in Babylon
Cinnamon girl starts to pray
I’ve never heard a prayer like this 1
Never before that day

Tearful words of love for people she had never met before
Asking God to grant them mercy in this face of a holy war

Cinnamon Girl

Cinnamon Girl of mixed heritage
Never knew the meaning of color lines
Nine one one turned that all around
When she got accused of this crime

So began the mass illusion, war on terror alibi
What’s the use when the god of confusion keeps on telling the same lie?

Cinnamon GirlDon’t cry,

Don’t shed no tears
1 night won’t make us feel
Cause we know how this movie’s ending

Cinnamon Gir

lAs war drums beat in Babylon
And scorch the blood red sky
Militants bomb the foreign gun
Both sides truly die

Cinnamon girl opens the book she knows will settle all the scoresThen she prays after the war that there will not be anymore

Cinnamon Girl

Source: LyricFindSongwriters: Prince Rogers Nelson

Cinnamon Girl lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

4 thoughts on “A Little late #SLS 5/31/20 – Cinnamon Girl – Prince”

  1. Thank you for sharing this song. I’d also never heard it before. Amazingly (sadly), I came across someone who considers himself a leader [and is for some people] who was able to make the Floyd murder into a focus for a “holy war” (supposedly waged by people unlike himself, unlike said leader, that is) of a different but similar kind even if he didn’t string those two words together. He did it by bringing up a past killing (by a foreign-born officer) in Minneapolis… as a total distraction about “diversity” even while he also said that this recent death was bad too. Only the most hard-hearted wouldn’t be able to see that kneeling on the man’s neck was evil. But I tried to ask why the diversionary pontification. [I even acknowledged that there can be overboard mistakes, but I find that a certain kind of person (like him) is less and less reachable by clarity.] No answer. The blindness and stubbornness runs deep.

    Great line about the “god of confusion” … “telling the same lie.”

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  2. What a great song. I never really got into the music of Prince’s later release but I am glad you introduce “Cinnamon Girl”. Such a strong message!

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