#SoCS 5/30/20 – Splay

Linda has given us the prompts of spay/splay/spray for today’s #SoCS.

Our five legged babies to love to just splay themselves all over the house. Their favorite spot is on my bed. I love it when they hang out with me and when they sleep with me. Sometimes though when our Sadie Mae splays herself out and falls asleep at night, she sleeps so hard and most nights I have to maneuver her so that I have room to sleep – not so hard sleeper myself, by the way.

That’s what’s in My Rattled Cage, thanks for stopping by!!

Several pictures of the babies!!

One thought on “#SoCS 5/30/20 – Splay”

  1. I always smile when I see pictures of your beloved pack. Our Doodle would always splay out from the middle of the bed, sometimes with her head on the pillow. She was hard to move even when awake.

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