#AtoZChallenge2020 – An “R” Four Fer


We have the letter “R” today for the #AtoZChallenge2020. As I am moving through my Apple Music playlist, I find that I have almost 50 songs that start with “R”. So today I am going to have a “R” Four Fer. Each of these holds a definite place in my heart because of their messages and the way they have touched me throughout my many battles through relapse and recovery.

I have chosen Jordan Feliz’s The River because whenever I am in a weird space I will head to the San Antonio River,  which I live very close to the Mission Reach of the river, with my four legged babies and we will get in and I can sit and just pray and I always feel at peace. I have also chosen two songs by Jeremy Camp Revive Me and RestoredRevive Me is a song that reminds that every day I can ask my Higher Power whom I choose to call God to revive me of my serenity and to help stay clean and sober on a daily basis. Restored is a reminder that asking God to revive me I can feel that wonderful spirit of serenity and know that all will be well in the world.

The final song in the four fer is Lauren Daigle’s  Remember is a constant reminder that my God has always been faithful to me even when I thought he had left my side!!! You can find the lyrics by clicking on the song title. That’s what’s in  My Rattled Cage, thanks for stopping by.

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