#AtoZChallenge2020 – “H” Two Fer


I am loving participating in the 2020 #AtoZChallenge. So on my musical journey through the alphabet, I am sharing music that is in my extensive Apple Music collection. today I want to remind everyone that no matter what you are going through being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, dealing with depression, alcoholism or any other drug addiction, illness – mental of physical – HE KNOWS. No matter what your faith and whom you choose to call God – He Knows. I have chosen Jeremy Camp’s  He Knows as my first song.

For something light hearted I chose Jeannie C. Riley’s  Harper Valley PTA. Why, you ask? Well when I was my 20’s and had been in San Antonio for a couple of I participated in drag show for charity and just for fun and this one the songs I lip synced to. The other was Reba McEntire’s  Fancy. 

You can find the lyrics to both by clicking on the titles. That’s what’s in My Rattled Cage, thanks for stopping by!!

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