The Difference Between Sympathy and Empathy

This is so important to remember. It so easy for us to have sympathy and yet never show empathy!!

Meditations in Motion

Meditations in MotionRejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. – Romans 12:15

My friends know that one of the rules I live by is “No one cries alone.” It’s actually not a rule, more like a reflex. If someone in my vicinity is crying, I am also crying. It’s contagious, kind of like yawning.

On the other hand, laughter is contagious too. My hubby Bill has an infectious laugh. He often laughs until tears stream down his cheeks. It is impossible not to laugh when this man is laughing.

Empathy is one of the most important human emotions. It allows us to feel connected to others. We all need to be understood; empathy satisfies that need. It’s what allows us to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. It’s the ability to put yourself in someone else’s place, to feel the same emotions they are feeling.

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