Late SoCS – Dominated 9/29/18


#SoCS 9/29/18 – Dominated

My last post was on 6/16/18. Since then my life has been dominated by chronic pain, still fighting the demons of depression, alcoholism and now dealing again with being unemployed.

I am also finding that to truly battle these problems, it is imperative that I must get back to being dominated by my normal positive attitude and outlook on the future.

I turned 52 on September 14th. My sister sent me this great hoodie that says “Yes, I really do need all these dogs!” along with an ominous wish in very small print “We hope you make it to 53.”

I am now determined that I must be dominated by taking care of my health, my demons and being alive well past 53. Not for my family, not for my husband, but for me! I have way too much to be proud and happy for!!

On I greater note my four-legged granddaughter Little Bitty turned 6 on 9/29. She and her bother Fluffy was born of our Missy and her dads were our Buddy and original Stitchy who have since crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2016 as did Fluffy.

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