Very late SoCS 6/16/2018 – Reservation

socs-badge-2017-18-e1503097084778This is a late post to #SoCS for 6/16/2018

It has been a long time since my last post. The STRUGGLE continues to be EXTREMELY real in regards to the manic episodes, trying to stay clean and sober, dealing with unemployment. The largest struggle I am having lately is dealing with my RESERVATION to do the real type of writing that I love.

I believe I am very good at writing about myself as evidenced by the likes and comments I have received over the years on this and my prior blog “What’s Rattling My Cage“. I am an open book in regards to my addictions to alcohol and cocaine, along with my being diagnosed with being bipolar and often times deep depression.

What I long to write about is more politically inclined both positive and negative about our current American administration and even past administrations. While I do not get paid for my writing, this is still a form of FREE PRESS which is currently and has been under attack by President Donald Trump since long before he was elected. He is constantly tweeting about the fake news and liars and how nobody is giving him a fair shake, etc. I will share an example with you which I posted to my Facebook page from Yahoo News.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette fires editorial cartoonist critical of President Trump

My caption in my post on Facebook was as follows:

“This is a pre-cursor of what is to come with our protected free press in the United States of America. We need columnists and satirists that are willing to allow others to see all points of view whether they are positive or critical of our nation’s leadership!!!”

Even in  this arena if you are critical of the current administration or even positive about the previous administration – specifically Barack Obama’s, people are extremely either left or right. I understand that, but we as writers are supposed to engage the reader and incite our readers to seek the truth and not only rely on what they read in a single paper or see on a single network.

It is imperative the we as humans everywhere in the world are always willing to search and find that truth. There are tweets from the President of the United States everyday that are FAKE NEWS  and just so damn narcissistic. Networks like Fox News and others eat it up and when other networks such as NBC, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS call him on his shit he calls them liars and purveyors of FAKE NEWS.

I suppose I need to move away from my reservations and start writing what I want to write and just smile with the good reviews and laugh and accept the bad reviews.

On a great note I am returning to a company that I worked for over 25 years ago, Luby’s Cafeteria, doing what I already love to do – cooking. I am excited for orientation today and to get moving because I believe that I can work my up to a Manager In Training.

That’s what’s in “My Rattled Cage“, thanks for stopping by!!!!

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