#SoCS & #JusJoJan Daily Prompt, Jan. 13th, 2018

This post is part of #SoCS & #JusJoJan Daily Prompt, Jan. 13th, 2018.

I have to thank Ms. Linda G. Hill for the idea for my post. My husband and I do not have any two legged children but we do seven four legged babies. Our children are named Missy (our supermodel diva of the world), Crissy ( our biggest girl and baby ever because she weighs close to 100 pounds), Little Bitty (she is our grandbaby from Missy and our Stitchy Sr. and Buddy who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2016), Zailey (miss independent and not very kissy), Sadie and her brother Stitchy – he was named in honor of Stitchy mentioned above (these two were going to be abandoned and I brought them home on July 1, 2017) and Tippy who was named in honor of our Tippy who we lost in January 2016 (she was a stray who determined and let me know that I was now her human, she came home with me on July 5th 2017). So here goes.

Oh the biscuit box, the biscuit box, the biscuit box! This is an area where there is quite a big difference between Cruz and me and often causes some cross words from  me. Taking a page out of Sophia Petrillo of “The Golden Girls” playbook, picture it San Antonio 2018 any day of the week either in the morning or evening. Two dads who give their babies their Milkbones one in the morning and one in the evening. The one dad uses the water bottle as a reinforcement to enforce the rule that all of the babies sit before any of them get their biscuit which works beautifully. The other dad just lets them jump all over him, cause chaos and he never reinforces the no jumping rule – not at the biscuit box or any other time when he comes in from work or anywhere else.  The other dada seems to be the mean one because he works very hard to enforce the no jumping rule at all times.

You folks tell me which dad you think is the enforcer and which one is the non-compliant one!!

This is what is in “My Rattled Cage” today!



3 thoughts on “#SoCS & #JusJoJan Daily Prompt, Jan. 13th, 2018”

  1. LOL! I can just imagine the chaos… though, truth be told, there is always that one parent who gives the kids just too much leeway. Oddly enough though, that parent can be the most demanding in the long run. (Which doesn’t work quite as well with furbabies as the two-legged human variety, but can…)

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    1. The funny thing is that I am the one most demanding and I am the enforcer. But by being the most demanding I have taught them all many phrases that when I say them they move or if I say or show the water bottle they stop whatever they are doing. I am their favorite dada though!

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