LATE #JusJoJan Daily Prompt – January 11th, 2018 – Humiliate


This post is part of #JusJoJan Daily Prompt – January 11th, 2018.

Quick disclaimer, I started this early yesterday morning then went to an early appointment, came home walked the dogs and then starting working on my paintjob in my bedroom. The day completely slipped away.

Do I have a doozy for you this morning. Please bare with me because the prompt will show its face further in. On January 23rd I will have shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff and a displaced bicep tendon in my right shoulder. Yesterday my husband Cruz and I went for my pre-op appointment. My appointment was at 11:10AM and we arrived slightly early at 10:30AM knowing there was a possibility I could be seen early, on time or late if appointments before me were running long.

In the waiting room there a young woman and, please don’t take this wrong, her two thug friends – one may been her man. I don’t know. As we are sitting the woman starts at a less than appropriate tone complaining about, ” why do you make appointments if we ain’t even gonna be seen on time?”  She goes up to the woman ant the desk and is very rude to her and comes to her seat spewing her venom and says “we came early and we aren’t bein seen, we ‘ve been here since 9″.

So we wait a bit more and she goes back to the woman desk goes off again and returns to her seat all the back, ” we’ve been here since 9 and now they’re saying they are an hour and half to two hours behind. What kind f#@#@#@ s#@# is that? So as she walks by I simply tell her that I came early also, but just because we come early doesn’t mean we will be seen early.

That hit a nerve with her and her two thugs. She and her thugs stated that she wasn’t even talking to me. I beg to differ, if you being disrespectful and loud then you are speaking to everyone in the waiting room. That being the case, I have every right to defend and protect my right of not feeling uncomfortable and made to feel even more stress because of an idiot who feels they are ENTITLED. Her thugs begin spewing garbage and even threatened me that would kick my and teach me lesson for getting their business.

I did what any other angry, uncomfortable and threatened individual would do. I got up and I went to the young lady at the desk and said, “You either need to call security on those folks or deal them! They are being rude, loud, disrespectful and they threatened for speaking in an appropriate manner. I went down to the other waiting area in front of the orthopedics check in area and let them know I would be waiting for my appointment there and told them why. I also asked to go and let Cruz know where i was and ask him to come down there to wait.

In my opinion the right thing for my husband to do would been not to acknowledge but to get up and come with me to the waiting area. I sat there for almost 25 minutes with no Cruz, he was still sitting down there. I sent him a text, then I called and the phone to voicemail. At that time he comes sauntering over. I ask him, “why did you stay over there?” He states, “that was humiliating and an embarrassment, you shouldn’t have said anything – they have their right to say anything they want.” to make the rest of this story short – he could not understand how his actions and words hurt my feelings.

Nothing I said or did was done to humiliate him or myself. The great thing is had this happened a couple of months ago, I would have used actions and disrespect as a reason to get drunk or high. That did not happen and I am so glad and proud of that!!

That is what is “My Rattled Cage”!


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