A Bit Late SoCS 11/11/17 – Ready to wrap my arm around it!


This post is a bit late link to Linda G. Hill’s SoCS 11/11/17 !

My issues with alcoholism and cocaine addiction just seem to keep sticking their heads up out of the sand, in fact each arm, leg, eye, ear, foot, hand and my entire head seems to keep getting buried. I must remember that if I work the 12 Steps and surround myself with folks who want me to be the best while succeeding at being SOBER and CLEAN just ONE DAY AT A TIME I can wrap my arm around the issues and the PROMISES will come true!!!

I am ready to wrap my ARM around the neck of these issues and STRANGLE THEM FOR GOOD!!!!!


2 thoughts on “A Bit Late SoCS 11/11/17 – Ready to wrap my arm around it!”

  1. Keep fighting the monster with everything you’ve got and it will go back underground and shrivel up, though it might not die. Working your program and surrounding yourself with good people (and dogs) is crucial. Keep up the good work! It will be worth it!

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