Slightly late SoCS 10/28/17 – which/witch/wich


This slightly late post is linked to Linda G. Hill’s SoCS 10/28/17!!

WHICH mood have I been in today? Well I was not feeling the mood of being a WITCH because the two angels in the picture below Sadie and Stitchy, whom we rescued on July 1st because they were going to be abandoned, were spayed and neutered today along with getting their shots and microchipped for free because we live in one of the zip codes in San Antonio, Texas with extremely high numbers of strays. This service was done through a great organization SNIPSA and their BIG FIX event. Afterwards Cruz and I enjoyed a soda, chips and a sandWICH!!!!


Sadie and Stitchy, sister and brother just about 7 months old!

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