SoCS 9/30/17 – Do/Dew/Due


This post is part of Linda G. Hills SoCS!

The dew on the grass is glistening as I drink my coffee on the porch. I have so much to do today starting with walking my seven four legged babies in the order they became part of our pack – Tippy, Chrissy, Little Bitty (the granddaughter), Zailey, Sadie and Stitchy Jr. (sister and brother rescues), and Tippy.


Then I will do some yard therapy. Finally, I must do the paying of the bills because they are due!!

5 thoughts on “SoCS 9/30/17 – Do/Dew/Due”

  1. Seven walks?!?! Oh my goodness…seven ?!? I can’t even. It’s rsining here, we’ll be lucky to get one in.

    The pups all look like cuties. Do any get walked together? I’ve often wondered how much harde it is to walk two dogs.

    Thanks for joining us today, and for sharing the photos of the crew. Ooops, almost forgot your bonus points ☑️✔️

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