I have been silent for too long!!!

So, where have I been and why have I been so quiet? Over the last year, I have gone through a horrible deep, deep, deep depression.

President Donald Trump has not assisted with my mental faculties!! Never in my lifetime, especially as I’ve been able to follow politics, have I ever been so embarrassed by our leader of the free world. .

I don’t know who the babysitter is at the White House, but they are not doing their job. While President Trump seems to think that his “shitter twitter” tweets are smart and appropriate, they are divisive, juvenile and self serving.

I said on Inauguration Day that one of three things will happen during his first term. One – Prsident Trump will have us in World War III (we are mighty close with North Korea); he will be impeached; he will resign or while I do not wish for the country or for his family – someone will assassinate him.

I have so much more to say and I’ve been away for way too long, I pray God allows me this strength and ability write as often as I can!! Please note my former blog was What’s Rattling my Cage.


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